BroadData Nonstop Commitment

Learn More About BroadData’s “Nonstop” Commitment To You, Our Valued Customer

The BroadData “No” Guarantee & “No Hassle” Advantage

The BroadData “No” Guarantee and “No Hassle” Advantage, including how we provide customer service the way it used to be, are the cornerstones to our commitment to you.

BroadData provides customer service the way it used to be. Always available by email or phone. Always professional. Always a consistent representative. Always based in the United States. Because the less time you spend talking with BroadData, the more time you spend doing business. That’s the BroadData “No Hassle” Advantage.

Simple, Powerful & Easy To Use Conferencing Services; Get Started In Minutes

No matter which solution you choose, BroadData is simple and easy to use.  Our standalone or integrated audio and web conferencing services make conference calls and webinars easier and more productive.  Get started in minutes or test our services on a Risk Free Trial.  With BroadData, you’ll be leading reservationless conferences with up to 125 participants any time to simplify your everyday meetings.

Worldwide Reservationless Audio Conferencing Made Easy

Learn more about our International Audio Conferencing solutions including the most robust international footprint in the industry with dial-in numbers from over 100 countries and cities worldwide !

Quality, Reliability & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Volume Discounts Are Available. Call us at 1-877-321-2255 for a Custom Rate Solution Based on Your Specific Conferencing Needs

BroadData services are backed by dependable technology and dedicated people.  With an industry leading 99.99% published uptime, your remote meetings are always reliable.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your conference, it’s Free.  Read about our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Low, Competitive Rates & Volume Discounts; Risk Free Trial

  • Test our services using a Free Trial.
  • Low, competitive conferencing rates.  Get started in minutes.
  • Audio conferencing rates include toll-free dial-in.
  • Pay only for usage, no account set fees, contracts or minimums.
  • Free Moderator cards.

Professional, Friendly Service

You’ll never dial blindly into a pool of account managers again.  We’ll give you a single point of contact — someone that knows you, your business and your conferencing needs.  Whether you are working on a moment’s notice or months in advance, we will work with you every step of the way.

Flexibility & Scalability

With BroadData you’ll be in complete control.  With Reservationless Audio and/or Unified Meeting Web Conferencing, lead an audio and/or web conference with up to 125 participants any time to simplify your everyday meetings.  With Operator Assisted Conferencing, give high profile calls the attention they demand.  Our Operator Assisted Conferencing team specializes in international conferencing as well as scalable solutions supporting small conferences with special needs or large events.

Measurable Return On Investment

BroadData Conferencing solutions offer a viable alternative to travel by enabling businesses to save time and money and increase productivity while fulfilling business objectives.  Implement and use our conferencing services with little or no commitment of internal resources.  Our solutions for sales, marketing & training will save your organization time and money.

Free 24 x 7 Technical Support

  • Before A Meeting – Even though you don’t need reservations or an operator to use our reservationless service, training and assistance on features is always available. So you can focus on your conference, not the technology behind it.
  • During A Meeting – Just dial ’00’ (for private assistance) or ‘*0’ (for public assistance) within a conference and our award-winning technical support team is available 24 x 7 x 365 to assist you.
  • After A Meeting – We’re hear to answer questions about your account and help you prepare to make your future conferences the best ever.

Detailed Billing & Reporting

Free, Enhanced Security Features

Your conferencing services are protected by multiple levels of security.  All of our enhanced security features are Free.

Self-Service Recording & Playback

Use our simple, self-service conference recording & playback capabilities to allow participants who could not join the live conference to catch up later at their convenience.