9 Reasons To Use Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing Services (2018)

Operators Keep Conference Calls on Track

We’ve all been on conference calls that have gone sideways because of technical problems, unclear communication, or other difficulties. Having a dedicated operator facilitate your call can help keep conference calls on track, ensuring your organization gets the most of this useful but often misused tool.

A conference call operator can help schedule the call, getting each member to commit to being present at the specified time. Conference call operators can also handle important logistics, such as name pronunciations, protocols, and scheduled speakers, among other important matters.

Conference call managers help facilitate the call, making professional introductions, answering dial-ins, and handling related tasks. Should technical problems arise, a dedicated operator can quickly resolve them before they have the chance to derail the call.

Operator assistance streamlines and ensures the quality of your conference calls. Check out this infographic from BroadData Conferencing for more information about how operator-assisted conference calls could be the right fit for your organization.


9 Reasons To Get An Operator For Your Next Conference Call