Benefits of International Audio Conferencing

Thanks to international audio conferencing, communication with clients, employees, co-workers, executives, and salespeople is possible wherever they are. Nearly everyone can connect to the internet, but phone conferencing still has a significant impact on how business is done. Given the capability of mobile phone technology, audio conferencing is possible anywhere outside the office.

International Audio Conferencing Services From BroadData

The benefits of international audio conferencing services, like the worldwide reservationless service from BroadData, include:

  • Participants can always reach you: Most people always have a phone with them. That means they can call in during their commute if necessary. It’s not even a problem if one isn’t near their computer; a mobile device is enough to support a connection to a conference call, no matter where on the globe it is hosted.
  • Flexible scheduling: Your attendees may be located in different time zones, but a phone conference can be scheduled any time of the day. Planning the best time makes it convenient for your business and as many participants as possible. For regular calls, the schedule can be rotated to accommodate people in different places.
  • Travel is unnecessary: International team members can stay in touch with one another and clients without having to travel from one country to another. Corporate travel expenses are greatly reduced. Companies also save time by not have to travel around the world.
  • Reasonable prices: International calling rates are generally affordable. Audio conferencing is, therefore, a cost-effective means of communication and can help businesses cut costs. BroadData’s International Toll-Free Dial-In Service, for example, incurs no costs to participants. Therefore, everyone stays connected and saves at the same time. Rates, variable based on country, are guaranteed, and there are no monthly minimum fees.
  • Call recording: Participants don’t have to be distracted by taking notes. All they need to do is record the call and listen to it afterward. Calls can be documented for future reference or to share with people who couldn’t attend at the time.

Audio Conference Call From Cell Phone

International Audio Conferencing Services vs. Email

The advantages of BroadData’s reservationless audio conferencing service over email are many. Although email lets everyone communicate, with no charges, a conference call enables real-time interaction. Information can be exchanged promptly. Plus, the perks of verbal communication ensure everyone on the team can understand exactly what is said.

Also, the technology eliminates the complexities of connecting internationally. The company’s service includes automated dial-out to as many as 125 participants. If needed, an operator can help with the process, saving even more time.

Web-based audio controls allow you to manage calls centrally and keep all attendees in the loop. For the best experience, the system should have instant access, always-on features, and permanent dial-in numbers, which the BroadData system does. The audio conferencing system works just as well for enterprises as it does for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. For more details and to get started, sign up online or call us today at 877-321-2255.