How Does Your Apple Watch Integrate With Conference Calls?

Wearable technology is finding its way into the workplace. As employers have warmed up to the idea of workers using their smartphones and tablets, the Apple Watch is presenting a new disruptive force in the world of office meetings. Nonetheless, its advantages may outweigh any cons companies may consider, as its high degree of functionality can prove useful during audio conferencing.

smart phone audio conferencing

BroadData’s audio conferencing services provide clear, reliable sound; instant access; and support for up to 125 participants. However, there are functions audio conferencing does not provide to individual conference call participants. Apple’s new watch fills this void. In fact, it even helps users adhere to proper conference meeting etiquette. It can:

  • Let conference attendees send texts to participants who will see reminders on their wristwatch.
  • Eliminate the need to fuss with a phone or laptop during an audio conference call.
  • Enable attendees to set email notifications for the next meeting or put it on their calendar.
  • Quickly load information/data from the web during the conference call.
  • Avoid the need to look for one’s phone in a bag, pocket, or another room.
  • Increase productivity through integrated third-party apps.

audio conference apple watch

Apple watch benefits extend beyond the ability to set reminders and ping others to join in. Reminders and alarms can be set using Siri—all you have to do is ask. You can receive reminders to send emails or of any time-sensitive matter to keep your audio conference on task and on schedule at all times. Other productivity apps that can make the Apple watch for work a great idea include:

  • Slack: An app is available for Apple’s wristwatch that provides push notifications when a direct message is received or the wearer is mentioned in a conversation. Users can also respond to messages using voice dictation or presets built into the watch.
  • Salesforce: The sales software provider has created a special app so users can view dashboards and look up reports on their watch. Deal closings, case escalations, and other job tasks are visible without having to go to a computer.
  • PowerPoint Remote: The PowerPoint Remote app is designed just for the watch. You can go through individual slides during a presentation while delivering your message to the groupwithout a desktop. The app also displays the amount of time that’s passed since the presentation started.
  • Evernote: An app now lets users search for files saved on Evernote. They can set reminders, view content, and check off to-do list tasks; for a larger perspective, open the iPhone app on your mobile device and the same page will appear.

The Apple watch can complement audio conference call services quite well, thanks to its own functionality and support for a wide range of apps. For more details on our full-featured audio conferencing services or to discuss custom rate solutions, contact BroadData Conferencing online or by phone at 877-321-2255 today.