Growing Market for Audio Conferencing: Why Audio Quality Is So Important

November 1, 2017

Audio Conferencing is a valuable tool used by businesses of all sizes. Sadly, many businesses look for low-cost or so-called “free” VoIP-based (Voice over Internet Protocol) conferencing services. In addition to customer service and support, the major issue businesses have with these types of solutions is the quality of the audio. Low-quality audio can mean […]

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How Cut Rate or Free Audio Conferencing Could End Up Costing You More

October 23, 2017

Cut rate or free conference call services might seem like a good idea if you are a small, mid-market or even enterprise sized business.  After all, you have to carefully watch and monitor budgets since you lack the deep pockets typically associated with the Fortune 500.  However, did you know that these so-called cut rate or […]

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Category: Free Conference Call, International Audio Conferencing, Reservationless Audio Conferencing

There Is No Such Thing As A Free Conference Call

October 13, 2017

Some conferencing services are branded as free, which sounds appealing to businesses on a budget. The truth is that any phone or communication service will come at a cost. Even if the vendor says its audio conferencing services are free, there will be expenses related to them, and you’ll pay in terms of quality issues […]

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