Can I Get Technical Support On A BroadData Adobe Connect Meeting Web Conference?

Yes, 24 x 7 x 365 technical support is available on Adobe Connect Web Conferences at 1-866-220-2319 or +1-706-634-3513.<br><br><strong>During An Adobe Connect Web Conference</strong> – From within your Adobe Connect Web Conference, just dial <strong>00</strong> (private sub-conference with an operator) or <strong>*0</strong> (operator joins the call whereby everyone can hear the operator) to access our award-winning customer support team (available 24 x 7 x 365)<br><br><strong>Before A Meeting</strong> – Even though you don’t need reservations or an operator to use our service, training and assistance on features is always available at 1-877-321-2255. So you can focus on your conference, not the technology behind it.<br><br><strong>After A Meeting</strong> – Contact us at 1-877-321-2255 to answer questions about your account and help you prepare to make your future conferences the best ever.