How Can I Reach Technical Support?

Technical support is available 24 x 7 during any conference call by dialing either 00 (sub conference with operator that participants can’t hear) or *0 (operator joins entire conference call).<br><br>Support is also available 24 x 7 when not in conference at 1-866-263-8503 or +1-706-643-1037.<br><br>You may also open a <a href=”” target=”_self”>Support Ticket</a><br><br><strong>Before A Meeting</strong> – Even though you don’t need reservations or an operator to use our service, training and assistance on features is always available. So you can focus on your conference, not the technology behind it.<br><br><strong>During A Meeting</strong> – From within your conference call, just dial <strong>00</strong> (private sub-conference with an operator) or <strong>*0</strong> (operator joins the call whereby everyone can hear the operator) to access our award-winning customer support team (available 24 x 7 x 365).<br><br><strong>After A Meeting</strong> – We’re here to answer questions about your account and help you prepare to make your future conferences the best ever.