Live Conference Manager Q&A (Old)

The Raise Your Hand feature can be used to manage your own Q&A session without the need for an Operator.  The Raise Your Hand feature requires that a Host be logged into the Live Conference Manager

When a Participant presses the star-five (*5) keypad command the Live Conference Manager will display a visible alert, as shown below.

BroadData LCM Raise Hand

The number next to the hand flag BroadData LCM Raise Hand indicates the order in which the participants pressed the *5 keypad command.  Pressing the NEXT button will un-mute the 1st caller who raised their hand (in the example above, Frank Wilson would be un-muted, allowing him to ask a question, while “lowering” his hand).  Alternatively, the Host could click on any of the hand flags, which would bring up a pop-up box, providing the option to SKIP (which “lowers” the hand without un-muting that caller) or to SELECT (which un-mutes that caller, while “lowering” that hand and muting all other non-Hosts).  Subsequently clicking the NEXT button would mute the prior caller and un-mute the next caller.  (Note that the last caller would remain un-muted, unless the host manually mutes that caller by using the corresponding checkbox.)

The SKIP ALL button “lowers” all the hands without un-muting any of the callers.

The Raise Your Hand feature can also be used to privately poll participants, simply by asking them to press *5 to indicate agreement (e.g., “press star-five on your keypad if you prefer option two”).  Only Hosts logged into the Live Conference Manager would be able to see the results.  The number of raised hands will be indicated at the top (“3 Raised Hands” in the example above).  You can then press the SKIP ALL button to lower all the hands, and ask another poll question.

The Raise Your Hand feature can be used regardless of Conference Mode, but generally is most useful when the conference is in Presentation Mode, with all non-Hosts muted.  In that mode, the only way to un-mute a specific participant is via the Live Conference Manager, and the Raise Your Hand feature allows a participant to indicate a request to speak.  Note that in Question & Answer Mode, any non-Host can un-mute herself at any time by pressing the *6 command.