Flat Rate Conference Call

Unlimited Conferencing

For A Flat Monthly Rate You Get Unlimited Use Audio Conferencing With No Per-Minute Charges.  Available 24 x 7 x 365, No Scheduling Required.

Volume Discounts Are Available. Call us at 1-877-321-2255 for a Custom Rate Solution Based on Your Specific Conferencing Needs

Make as many conference calls as you want, and talk as long as you want – there are no restrictions on the duration or the number of calls.

Instant access, a permanent toll dial-in number and always-on features make it easy to host conference calls anytime, anywhere.

Easily set up multiple users for separate users, groups, committees, etc. to allow for simultaneous conference calls. Receive one monthly billing statement with full detail and usage summarized by passcode.

Unlimited Use, Flat Rate Service Includes:

  • Reservationless Service Available 24 x 7
  • Unlimited Use For A Flat Monthly Fee
  • Toll Dial-In Included
  • Optional Toll-Free Dial-In (3.9 cents/minute)
  • Web-based Live Conference Manager Dashboard
  • Free Call Recording & MP3 File Download
  • Industry Leading Reliability
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Sign-Up Fees or Contracts !
  • Guaranteed Rates
  • Cancel Anytime

Optional Toll-Free Dial-In number for only 3.9 cents/minute

As an option, you can allow callers to connect to your conference calls via a Toll-Free Dial-In number.  Enables you to provide a Toll-Free Dial-In number to only those Participants that you want to offer it to.  Enable or disable Toll-Free Dial-In access at anytime.

Why choose BroadData ?

Industry leading reliability, advanced security features and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensure that your conference calls run smoothly every time.

No sign-up fees and no contracts !

Whether you use conferencing a lot or a little, pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited use audio conferencing.

Need International Toll-Free Dial-In ?

Have some conference calls that need international toll-free dial-in ? Use BroadData Unlimited Conferencing for some of your calls and our pay-as-you-go International Audio Conferencing for calls where toll dial-in alone won’t suffice !


Toll Dial-In - For up to 20, 50 or 100 ParticipantsFlat Rate Unlimited Use Conference CallFlat Rate Unlimited Use Conference CallFlat Rate Unlimited Use Conference Call
Toll Dial-In - For More Than 100 ParticipantsCall 1-877-321-2255 or Contact Us
Toll-Free Dial-In (Optional)3.9 cents/minute
Volume Discounts Are Available, Call Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing NeedsCall 1-877-321-2255 or Contact Us
Web-based Live Conference Manager DashboardFREE
Audio Conference RecordingFREE
Download Audio Conference Digital Recorded File (.mp3)FREE
Custom Bridge Greeting$10/Month
Standard Invoicing With Sub-Totals by Unlimited UserFREE
Sign Up Or Monthly FeesNONE
Term or Volume Commitments RequiredNO
Payments TermsCredit Card or Check
Cancel AnytimeYes
Billing FormatEmail (pdf)
FREE Trial AvailableYES, 14 Day Free Trial

Included Features

Everything you need for productive conference calls.

Reservationless Conference Start – Your conference bridge is active at all times (24 x 7 x 365).  Conference calls begin instantly whenever the bridge is accessed; no scheduling is required. (Hosts can control when callers are placed into a live conference)

Toll Dial-In Included – Toll Dial-In is included as part of your unlimited use, flat rate conference plan.

Optional Toll-Free Dial-In (for just 3.9 cents/minute) – As an option, you can allow callers to connect to your conference calls via a Toll-Free Dial-In number.  Enables you to provide a Toll-Free Dial-In number to only those Participants that you want to offer it to.  Enable or disable Toll-Free Dial-In access at anytime.

International Dial-in Capability – The Toll Dial-In number that you are provided can be used by participants outside the U.S.

Live Conference Manager – Hosts can log into the web-based Live Conference Manager to manage conference calls, including viewing participant Caller ID, muting participants, modifying feature settings and controlling conference recording.

Conference Recording – Digital recording of the call, which can be downloaded from the BroadDatae website.  Hosts can toggle the recording on and off during a call, using keypad codes or the Live Conference Manager.

Automatic Post Conference Email Reports – You can elect to receive a conference summary report after every call, listing the participants and other call details, including a link to download the recording of the call (if available).

Entry/Exit Notification – Participants can be announced upon joining or leaving the call, using chimes or recorded names.

Record Name – Callers joining a call can be asked to record their name, which may be announced upon entry or exit to the call, or replayed privately via the Roll Call feature.

Participant Muting – Via the Live Conference Manager, a host may mute specific participants to reduce background noise.

Group Muting – Via the Live Conference Manager or keypad codes, a host may silence all participants (non-hosts) on the call.

Self-Muting – Hosts and participants can mute themselves by pressing a keypad code.

Raise Your Hand – Participants can indicate to a conference host that they have a question or would like to comment.  If the conference is in Presentation or Q&A mode, the host can unmute the participant. The Raise Your Hand feature can be used to manage your own Q&A session without the need for an Operator. Click here for more information on using this feature

Conference Lock – A host can lock access to the conference bridge, preventing new callers from joining the active call.

Conference Termination – A host can force the termination of the conference call by disconnecting all participants, by pressing a keypad code. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back conference calls.

Participant Count – Callers joining a call can hear a private announcement of the number of active participants if desired.

Private Roll Call – Participants can press a keypad code to hear a private playback of the recorded names for the active participants on the conference call.

Multiple Hosts – Any number of parties can join the call as hosts (by entering the Host PIN upon joining the bridge), allowing multiple leaders on the conference call.

Promote to Host – During a conference call, a non-Host can promote herself to the Host role (by entering a keypad command and providing the private Host PIN), giving her access to the Host Keypad Commands – eliminating the need to drop off and call back in as the Host.

Mute Music-on-Hold – Any participant can toggle music-on-hold on or off via the phone keypad, while waiting for the conference to begin.

Touchtone (DTMF) Suppression – Filters out the tones produced by phone keypad, so that other participants on the call do not hear the tones.


Greet your dial-in conference call Participants with a personalized recorded message.

Our standard bridge greeting is:

“Welcome to BroadData Conferencing, please enter your Conference ID and press the # key”

An example of a custom bridge greeting is:

“Welcome to the ABC Company Conferencing Center, please enter your Conference ID and press the # key”

Live Conference Manager

Our free, Live Conference Manager is an online dashboard designed to provide Hosts with full control of their conference bridges, allowing them to edit default settings, manage live conference calls, download conference recordings, and view conference activity reports.

Toll vs Toll-Free

I know what Toll-Free Access means. What is Toll Access ?

Your service always includes a Toll Dial-In number.  You have the choice of enabling a Toll-Free Dial-In number for your conference calls.

By Toll Access, we mean dialing a long distance phone number to access the conference call. Callers are directly responsible for any long distance charges billed by their phone company. With our Unlimited Use, Flat Rate Plans, you are not charged for callers who access your conference calls by dialing our Toll Access Number.

You are not required to offer Toll-Free Access to your conference bridge. You can enable or disable Toll-Free Access at any time by logging into your online Account Manager.  If you don’t need/want it, you don’t have to worry about paying for it.  Many customers enable Toll-Free Dial-In access and then only provide the Toll-Free Dial-In number to customers/VIPs, etc. or anyone that they deem it necessary while letting all other dial-in Participants use the Toll Dial-In number.

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