BroadData International Conferencing A Simple Powerful Way To Conduct Meetings

International Audio

Worldwide Reservationless Audio Conferencing Made Easy. Five Simple Ways to Connect International Participants.

Volume Discounts Are Available. Call us at 1-877-321-2255 for a Custom Rate Solution Based on Your Specific Conferencing Needs

Always Included

  • Simple Worldwide Conferencing
  • International Toll-Free Dial-In
  • Reservationless Service Available 24 x 7
  • Domestic Toll-Free Dial-In Included
  • Up to 125 Participants
  • Web Based Audio Controls
  • Self-Service Recording & Playback
  • Industry Leading Reliability
  • Free 24 x 7 Operator Assistance & Technical Support
  • Pay For Usage Only
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Sign-Up Fees or Contracts !
  • Guaranteed Rates
  • No Monthly Minimum Fees
  • US Toll (1+) Dial-In: You pay a bridging cost, Participant pays their own long distance charges to dial a USA 1+ (toll) number.
  • Automated Dial-Out: You may also elect to Dial-Out to your International Participant(s). Use the Dial-Out feature to dial out to as many International Participants as is necessary. You pay for International Dial-Out, Participant pays nothing. Rates for Automated Dial-Out vary by country, please contact us for more information.
  • Operator Assisted Dial-Out: For calls with large numbers of international participants, we recommend using BroadData Operator Assisted Conferencing to schedule calls and allow our operators to dial out to and bridge on your international participants. Domestic participants would continue to dial in via a USA toll free number. You pay for international dial-out, Participant pays nothing. Rates for Operator Assisted Dial-Out vary by country, please contact us for more information.

Never hassle with reservations, changes or cancellations. Up to 125 participants on any call. Instant access, permanent dial-in numbers and always-on features make it easy to host conference calls anytime, anywhere.

Why choose BroadData ?

Industry leading reliability, advanced security features, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 x 7 technical support ensure that your conference calls run smoothly every time.

No sign-up fees and no contracts !

Whether you use conferencing a lot or a little, pay only for usage with our low flat per-minute, per-participant rates.

Optional web-based audio conference controls make viewing audio details in real time a snap.

Use our free, web-based audio controls to monitor your conference calls in real time. View Participant lists, active talker icons and utilize other simple control features. Optionally broadcast your call over the web to hundreds. Record it all for later playback. Lower travel & meeting costs for sales, webinars & training.

Web Conferencing Compatible

BroadData Reservationless Audio Conferencing is compatible with BroadData Unified Meeting Web Conferencing so you can be confident that if you need an integrated web conferencing solution now or in the future, we have your needs covered.

Pricing & Discounts

Audio (Phone) Conferencing - Toll-Free Dial-In
4.9 cents/minute/participant
Discounted from 5.9 cents/minute
Audio (Phone) Conferencing - Toll Dial-In3.9 cents/minute/participant
Discounted from 5.9 cents/minute
International Toll-Free Dial-In (over 60 countries available)Rates vary by country
International Local Dial-In (over 30 cities available)19 cents/minute/participant
Volume Discounts Are Available, Call Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing NeedsContact Us
Audio Conference RecordingFREE
Audio Conference Recording Playback
Will match audio rate/minute/participant
Recorded Audio Conference ArchiveFREE, 1st 30 Days
Recorded Audio Conference Archive ExtensionFREE, after 1st 30 Days
Audio Conference Digital Recorded File (.wav or .mp3)$25.00
Can Be Used On A Standalone Basis or Integrated With Unified Meeting Web ConferencingYES
Unified Meeting Web Conferencing
Unlimited Use Per Named User
(For Up To 50 Participants)
Discounted from $49/month
Unified Meeting Web Conferencing
Unlimited Use Per Named User
(For Up To 125 Participants)
Discounted from $59/month
Unified Meeting Web Conferencing Pay Per Minute
(For Up To 125 Participants)
14.9 cents/minute/participant
Discounted from 19.9 cents/minute
Volume Discounts Are Available, Call Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing NeedsContact Us
Integrated Reservationless Audio Webcast
3.9 cents/minute/participant
Record Unified Meeting Web Conference$25
Recorded Unified Meeting Web Conference Playback

No charge and unlimited playback for 90 days after conference
Extend Unified Meeting Hosted Playback For An Additional 90 Days$25
Download Recorded Unified Meeting Web Conference File
Can Be Used On A Standalone Basis or Integrated With Reservationless Audio ConferencingYES
Standard Invoicing With Sub-Totals by Conference IDFREE
Sign Up Or Monthly FeesNONE
Pay For Usage OnlyYES
Term or Volume Commitments RequiredNO
Automatic Post Conference Emails FREE
Payments TermsNet 30 Days
Billing FormatHard Copy (mail), Email (pdf) OR Both
FREE Trial AvailableYES, Contact Us

Feature Overview

Permanent Dial-In NumbersReceive permanent toll-free and toll dial-in numbers. Toll-free number works from USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Carribean Islands
International Conferencing OptionsFive simple ways to connect your international participants
Instant Reservationless AccessNever worry about scheduling, changes, cancellations, or a conference operator. Reservationless service is always available 24 x 7 x 365
Permanent Conference CodeUse the same convenient, permanent Conference Code for all of your conferences. Get as many Conference Codes as you need for different users.
CapacityReduce limitations on conference size by having up to 125 people on the phone and thousands on the web
Conference AccessChoose to have the conference begin when the moderator joins or when participants dial in
PIN AccessHave the conference start only after the moderator enters their secure PIN
Participant EntryChoose how you are alerted of participants entering or exiting the call - Silent, Tone, or Name Announce
Dial-OutDial-out to late participants and bring them into the call. Initiate dial-out from the phone, web or by dialing 00 for an operator.
Entry / Exit OptionsDecide how your Participants are announced when they join or leave the conference call. Choose from the following options: tone, name announce or silence.
Multiple LeadersHave multiple leaders on your conference call, allowing them to have access to all leader controls
Quick StartQuick Start allows your conference call to immediately begin as Participants dial-in before the Leader has arrived to officially start the call.
Waiting RoomHave your participants placed on music hold until you are ready for them to join the conference call. This feature is helpful when you have two back-to-back conferences scheduled with two different groups.
Sub ConferencingAllow Participants to join a private sub-conferences during your conference call. For more information see our Audio Sub Conferencing User Guide
Force DisconnectClear your conference by disconnecting all participants from your call while you stay connected. This feature is useful when you have scheduled back-to-back meetings.
Conference LockPrevent unauthorized access to your conference and limit disruptions
Roll CallCapture participant names for additional security and accountability
Security PasscodeProvide an added level of security for your conference calls by having greater control over who joins your conference. Create a Security Passcode on the fly for any call as you are starting the call.
Web-Based Participant ListView audio conference call Participants online in real time to identify potential unauthorized dial-in Participants. Disconnect any Participant from web interface if necessary. Use Conference Lock feature after disconnecting unathorized Participants. For more information see our Online Call Manager For Audio Conferencing User Guide
Conference Call Phone CommandsEasily manage your conference call with robust phone commands. For a complete list of commands see our Online Call Manager For Audio Conferencing User Guide
Operator AssistanceTechnical support is available 24 x 7 during any conference call by dialing either 00 (sub conference with operator that participants can't hear) or *0 (operator joins entire conference call). Support is also available 24 x 7 when not in conference at 877-549-3137 or 303-928-3344
Participant CountVerify how many people are on your call to determine if everyone invited is in attendance
Group Mute / Unmute All ParticipantsSilence all participants' lines by pressing a keypad command on your telephone. Group mute/unmute helps reduce background noise and limits interruptions during your conference. Participants are still able to unmute / re-mute their lines individually
Lecture ModeMute all participants during your conference to reduce background noise. Participants will not have the capability to unmute their lines, allowing you to deliver your message uninterrupted.
Conference ContinuationEnd the conference when the moderator exits the call to eliminate unintended charges
Audio Conference Recording & PlaybackDigitally record your calls for Participants who were unable to attend or for participants who would like to listen to the conference call again. For easy 24/7/365 availability, the recording can be accessed over the phone by dialing a toll-free number or over the Internet via a playback link. You may also purchase a digital file (.mp3) of your recording. For more information see our Audio Conferencing Recording & Playback User Guide
Web-Based Call ControlDial out, mute/unmute lines, lock the conference, request an operator, or end your conference from a simple web interface. For more information see our Online Call Manager For Audio Conferencing User Guide
InteractionActive talker icon indicates which participant is talking. Chat available to all participants.
Sub ConferencingManage participants into sub conferences and back to main conference
Entry / Exit OptionsUpdate conference call entry & exit options
Post Conference Summary EmailsMonitor your conferencing usage by receiving email summary reports after each conference
Participant ListA list of dial-in participants will be provided in your post conference summary email
Online ReportingView online usage reports 24/7 that display participant information and who accessed archived conferences
Project Account Codes (PAC)Easily track spending and billing by assigning a specific PAC to any individual conference call


Visit our International Audio Conferencing Product Center Resource Page For Complete International Audio Conferencing Details and Resources


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In the increasingly complex global business environment, BroadData conferencing offers international conference calls to meet the needs of the growing businesses with international needs. All the features of the domestic BroadData easy to use, reservationless conference service are available for the international conference calls. In addition, BroadData offers five different international participant access options:

  1. International Toll-Free Dial-In Service (ITFS): BroadData’s simplest and most highly requested international conference solution, ITFS dial-in numbers provide a turnkey solution for regular international participants. Rates for this ITFS  service vary by country. The conference host pays for international toll-free dial-in service. Participants pay nothing. BroadData ITFS is business class quality of service. We do not use VoIP so that we can ensure call clarity and reliability.
  2. International Local (single city) Dial-In Service: The conference host pays for the international local dialing, while the participants pay nothing. Rates for the international local city dial-in service are based on the resident city. BroadData does not use VoIP for this service so that we can ensure call clarity and reliability.
  3. US Toll (1+) Dial-In: Conference host pays a bridging cost per minute, while the participants pay their own local, long distance charges to dial a US a 1+ (toll) number.
  4. 00 Operator Assisted International Dial-Out: You may also elect to have our operator(s) dial-out to your International (or Domestic) Participant(s). To use this feature, the Moderator just dials 00 at any time during the conference call and request that the operator dial-out to your participant(s). 00 dial-out is available 24 x 7 x 365. Participant pays nothing.
  5. Scheduled, Operator Assisted Conferencing: For conference calls with large numbers of international participants, BroadData recommends this option to bridge the gap and connect domestic and international clients. With this feature, domestic participants dial-in to a toll-free number. The conference host pays for international dial-in. Participants pay nothing. Rates for this high touch, high contact custom service vary by country. Please contact us for more information.

Whatever level of service required by your company for domestic and/or international audio teleconferencing, BroadData can match your needs with a scalable, personalized services. Contact BroadData Conferencing for a customized quote and a free demonstration conference.