Operator Assisted Audio

BroadData Operator Assisted Conferencing Simplifies And Streamlines Conference Calls That Need Special Attention

Our scalable, assisted conferencing solutions support small conferences with special needs or large events with worldwide participants

Call us at 1-877-321-2255 for a Custom Rate Solution Based on Your Specific Operator Assisted Conferencing Needs

From high-end investor relations calls to a sophisticated board of directors meeting, BroadData provides consulting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting services for your conference event.  You pay only for actual participants joining the call, we do NOT charge unused line fees.

Wide Range Of Customizable Features

BroadData offers a wide range of operator assisted conferencing customizable features to support all of your needs.  During your conference, an operator can control participant access, initiate Q&A sessions and monitor your call to respond immediately to requests.  Learn more about a typical BroadData Operator Assisted Conference Call.  Record your conference and make it available for playback via toll-free dial-in OR via password protected streaming audio over the web that is accessible worldwide.  Schedule your calls online or via email.

Available Features

  • Live Operator Answer
  • Operator Dial-Out
  • Online or Live Scheduling
  • Email Confirmations
  • Communications Line
  • Standing Reservations
  • Conference Recording
  • Executive Sub-Conferencing
  • Cross Check Participants Against Security Codes/Lists
  • Q & A
  • Full Time Operator Monitor
  • One Touch Operator Assistance
  • Post Conference Participant List
  • Transcription

Dedicated Support Team, International Expertise

Your dedicated BroadData support team who will know you and your needs.  You’ll never have to dial blindly into pool of schedulers again. Our dedicated specialists are available to help you plan and execute a worry-free conferencing event from start to finish.  We have considerable expertise with international participants that includes the following access options:

  • Our operator(s) can dial-out to and place domestic and/or internationals participants into conference
  • International participants can dial into the conference via a US 1+ toll dial-in number
  • International participants can dial into the conference via international toll-free (ITFS) dial-in access numbers located in various countries and cities throughout the world

Get Information Fast

We provide conferencing services to small and large organizations who have simple or complex domestic and international conferencing needs.  We offer a complete suite of operator assisted and reservationless audio and web conferencing solutions.   Call us at 1-877-321-2255 to discuss your unique needs and set up a FREE test conference or send us an information request to learn more about a custom conferencing solution for your organization.

Why choose BroadData ?

Industry leading reliability, advanced security features, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 x 7 technical support ensure that your conference calls run smoothly every time.

No sign-up fees and no contracts !

Whether you use conferencing a lot or a little, pay only for usage with our low flat per-minute, per-participant rates.

Worldwide Reservationless Audio Conferencing Made Easy

Learn more about our Reservationless Audio Conferencing solutions including ways in which you may be able to use this service, instead of Operator Assisted Conferencing, if you are interested in lowering costs by self-managing your own Q&A online.

Web Conferencing Compatible

BroadData Reservationless Audio Conferencing is compatible with BroadData Unified Meeting Web Conferencing so you can be confident that if you need an integrated web conferencing solution now or in the future, we have your needs covered.

Pricing & Discounts

The conference coordinator(s) answers and places dial-in participants into conference, places calls to domestic and/or international dial-out participants, conducts roll call (optional), kicks off call and remains online for the duration of the call. Includes Q&A and Polling. 19.9 cents/minute/participant
(toll free dial-in)

14.9 cents/minute/participant
(Toll 1+ dial-in or domestic dial-out)

International dial-out rates vary by country.
The conference coordinator(s) answers and places dial-in participants into conference, places calls to domestic and/or international dial-out participants, conducts roll call (optional) and checks line quality and leaves the meeting. Operator can be requested at any time by dialing *0.17.9 cents/minute/participant
(toll free dial-in)

14.9 cents/minute/participant
(Toll 1+ dial-in or domestic dial-out)

International dial-out rates vary by country.
Volume Discounts Are Available, Call Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing NeedsContact Us
Operator Assisted International Participant Dial OutRate Per Minute Varies By Country, Call Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing Needs
Audio Conference Digital Recorded File (.wav or .mp3)$25.00
Other Optional FeatuesVaries Based on Solution Provided
Standard Invoicing With Sub-Totals by Call TitleFREE
Sign Up Or Monthly FeesNONE
Pay For Usage OnlyYES
Term or Volume Commitments RequiredNO
Payments TermsNet 30 Days
Billing FormatHard Copy (mail), Email (pdf) OR Both
FREE Trial AvailableYES, Contact Us

Feature Overview

Features in Bold May Require Additional ChargesCall Us Now At 1-877-321-2255 For A Custom Rate Solution Based On Your Specific Conferencing Needs
Live Operator AnswerOur operators answer participant dial-ins and collect the required information (name, company name, etc.) and then place the participant into conference or into a waiting room conference until the Moderator gives approval to start the call.
Operator Dial-OutOur operators dial-out to your pre-provided list of domestic and/or international participants. International dial-out rates are extremely competitive and vary by country.
Reservation ConfirmationEmail (or fax) confirmation of the reservation including all conferencing details.
Communications LineUsed as a private line with the Conference Operator to discuss call details before and/or during a conference.
Participant PrenotificationCommunications Coordinators will call the participants before the call to confirm the date and time of the call, relieving the customer of this administrative task.
Standing ReservationStanding reservations can be made for any customer who has a regularly scheduled, recurring conference call. Eliminates the need to continuously reschedule a new conference.
Conference RecordingThe conference call can be recorded for later review and playback for participants who could not attend the call. A digital file of the recorded conference can be downloaded or provided on a CD.
Broadcast / Listen OnlyFor larger conferences, the Host can designate attendees to be placed in a "listen only" mode. As needed throughout the conference, the Communications Coordinators can open the call up for a question and answer session.
Executive SubconferencingParticipants are separated by designated groups for private meetings and can regroup as needed throughout the conference.
On Hold MusicA variety of music is played for participants while they are placed on hold waiting for the conference to begin. When participants call into the conference, the Communications Coordinators can answer the call with a customized greeting or script.
Passcode ConferenceParticipants are given a dial in number (toll or toll free) and a passcode to access the call.
Password ConferenceFor a highly confidential conference, a password is given to the participants to relay to the Communications Coordinators at the time of access.
Participant Roll CallA list of all participants is emailed to the Communications Coordinators for roll call prior to the conference call.
Post Conferencing Participant ListA list of all participants on the conference call can be emailed to the Host or designated individual after the call is over to confirm attendance.
One-Touch Operator AssistanceCommunications Coordinators can be recalled into a conference at any time by depressing "*0" on the touch-tone telephone keypad.
Full Time Operator MonitorOur professional Conference Operator monitors the entire conference to assist with required features such as Q&A, Polling, Sub-Conferencing, Group Muting, etc., or to simply answer questions and help with call flow.
Integrated Voice Response Digital PlaybackAllows the customer to record the conference call, or a message, and to have many callers simultaneously dial into a single phone number at any time to listen and respond to the recording. Capabilities such as fast forward, rewind and pause are available to all participants via remote access.
TranscriptionThe call can be transcribed and emailed to the designated individual after the call.
Certified StenographyFor very important conference calls (i.e. legal matters, executive meetings, Board of Directors etc.), a certified stenographer can be on-line during the entire call and type it real-time.
Question & Answer QueuingFor an efficient question and answer period, Communications Coordinators can set up queuing for the participants. When a participant wishes to ask a question, they enter "1" on a touch tone phone and that will signal to the Operator the order in which the questions were received. The participant may press "#" to be removed from the order. The Communications Coordinators then come on the line and announce who is asking the question and opens the line for that caller. The Operator must be on the call during the question and answer period to facilitate the queuing system.
Polling / VotingAllows the ability to conduct an instant opinion or survey by asking participants to signify responses through numbers on their keypads. The Communications Coordinators will tabulate the responses and announce the results.
Clearance List / Security Lock OutA clearance list is used for an additional security measure for confidential conferences. This feature is used when the host of a conference call requests participants to be screened prior to allowing them into the call. The host must supply the Communications Coordinators with a list of conference participants prior to the call to screen individuals. If someone calls in that is not on the approved list, the Communications Coordinators will bridge into the host for direction. For complete conference security, the Communications Coordinators can set-up the call with a "lock out" feature. This feature will "lock out" any late parties as well as the Communications Coordinators. The Host can activate/deactivate this feature using a touch-tone telephone keypad.


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