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BroadData Operator Assisted Conferencing Simplifies And Streamlines Conference Calls That Need Special Attention

Our scalable, assisted conferencing solutions support small conferences with special needs or large events with worldwide participants.

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From high-end investor relations calls to a sophisticated board of directors meeting, BroadData provides consulting, scheduling, monitoring and reporting services for your conference event. You pay only for actual participants joining the call, we do NOT charge unused line fees.

Typical BroadData Operator Assisted Conference Call

The following provides an overview of all the elements that go into a typical operator assisted call. Our goal is to make your conference calls an extension of your communications strategy. BroadData can help you customize the call and perfectly tailor it to meet the needs of your message and goals.

Available Features

  • Live Operator Answer
  • Operator Dial-Out
  • Online or Live Scheduling
  • Email Confirmations
  • Communications Line
  • Standing Reservations
  • Conference Recording
  • Executive Sub-Conferencing
  • Cross Check Participants Against Security Codes/Lists
  • Q & A
  • Full Time Operator Monitor
  • One Touch Operator Assistance
  • Post Conference Participant List
  • Transcription


  • Your are assigned a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact to assist with anything that you need.
  • # Scheduling your calls is easy. Use our online reservation page, email us or call to schedule your call(s).  Our reservation system stores your call profile including all necessary call features.  When scheduling subsequent calls you do not have to repeat everything.
  • Conference call information is communicated in a clear, easy-to-understand format to attendees.
  • The call leader and the scheduled speakers gather in a Sub-Conference before the call begins to go over the agenda and discuss last-minute updates. The operator will finalize any last minute logistics such as who to turn the call over to, how to pronounce speaker names, Q&A, polling, etc.
  • Callers can dial either a toll-free or toll number to access the call. You can also choose to have the operator(s) dial out to speakers and/or attendees, domestic and/or international, to connect them into the call.
  • The operator(s) gather any necessary information (e.g., name, affiliation, etc.) and place them into the call.
  • The participants hear music (or custom announcement) until you are ready to start.

During The Call

  • All operators are voice talent trained and perform a professional speaker introduction. You can use the standard introduction script or customize as you’d like. It sets the stage for the conference and opens the call in a clear and professional manner. You can provide an approved attendee list (optional) to make sure only certain approved attendees can join.
  • A dedicated communications line can connect the operator handling the call to a point of contact at your location for instant support access.
  • (Optional) The call is conducted in Lecture Mode. All participant lines are muted during the presentation to reduce background noise and minimize interruptions.
  • (Optional) Once the presentation has concluded, the operator administers a Q&A session. Participants indicate that they have a question using their telephone keypad, while the operator manages the question queue in a professional and orderly fashion. When each one’s turn comes, the appropriate line is unmuted, an introduction is made and the questioner takes the floor. While in queue the attendees will still hear the conference.

Post Call

  • An attendee report is emailed immediately following the call showing all of the information gathered from participants as they joined the call. This provides a perfect contact list for post-call follow up.
  • Transcription service is available if you need a written account for use in press releases and news wire services.
  • The call can be digitally recorded for playback via toll-free dial-in number. We can also provide you with a .wav or .mp3 file of the recorded conference call.


An approved attendee list or password/passcode can be provided to control participant access. If a potential participant’s name does not appear on the invitation list or a potential participant does not the the password/passcode, access will be denied or put on hold pending your approval via a dedicated Communications Line.

Conference Recording

You can choose to have your conference call recorded. A link to download a digital file in .wav or .mp3 of the recorded conference can be emailed to you shortly after your call has ended. Your call can also request re-broadcast immediately following the event through our Digital Replay service. This service is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a great alternative for participants who are unable to attend the live call. Calls can be archived for up to a year. Conference participants dial into the automated playback center via a toll-free access number at their convenience with options to fast forward, rewind and pause the recording using the telephone keypad.

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