Web Meetings

Web Meetings

BroadData Web Meetings is our 100% browser-based (HTML5) online meeting solution (no downloads or plugins required). Includes HD video, voice, chat, superior screen & file sharing, polling/voting/surveys, whiteboard, recording, customized branding and live streaming for your everyday meetings and webinars.

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Join thousands for entrepreneurs and businesses who choose BroadData Web Meetings for their online meetings & webinars.

Works From Any Device

Lead or Join BroadData Web Meetings from desktops, laptops or mobile devices.  100% HTML5, no downloads or plugins required (even for Hosts!).  Flexibility to deliver the most compelling content to make your meeting or webinar come to life.

You only need a browser to create a meeting and start communicating with people instantly.  The platform supports: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (see below for further details).

There are no downloads, no registrations, no plug-ins, no installation and no add-ons are required.  Simply create your room name and URL to start a conference and enjoy seamless meetings with your friends and colleagues.

Display Your Best

What It Means For You:

  • HD Voice & Video – talk & share webcam video
  • Screen sharing – share your desktop or presentation files in real-time with meeting or webinar participants
  • File sharing – store and share your files safely and securely

Meet with one click and share content without worrying about performance.

High quality audio & video streaming with amazingly smooth performance.  Enjoy the fastest self-service solution available in the industry.

Use Collaboration Tools To Improve Engagement

Take advantage of powerful Chat features including chat moderation, file send, emoticons, translation and notifications.

Drive participation and results using:

  • Chat – easily communicate with your participants while having full control to moderate (if need be)
  • Polling, Surveys & Voting – increase meeting engagement and gain feedback to maximize results
  • Call to Action – present CTA popups to increase engagement or conversion

Collect information from your participants, research their reactions and analyze their feedback and insights to make better business decisions. With BroadData Web Meeting Polling & Surveys your meetings & webinars will become unique and engaging.

Live Streaming

Broadcast your meetings and webinars to social media and other external sources including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Adding video content is a great way of boosting your meeting or webinar’s potential and really getting your audience’s attention.

With our YouTube & Facebook Players Feature you can share numerous videos from your favorite video services without leaving the meeting room.

No matter if sharing video content is a spontaneous decision or a carefully planned move – you can display multiple videos to engage your participants.

Easily Invite; Collaborate Anywhere

What It Means For You:

  • Invitations – Invite participants by e-mail or text messages. Easily join the meeting by clicking on a link
  • Presenters – Manage and assign roles for people who will be in charge of your meetings and webinars
  • Breakout Rooms – Split your main meeting room into smaller manageable rooms. All during your live online meeting.

Invite participants by email, text messages or phone calls.

Your attendees may join the meeting from any device by simply clicking the invitation link – no downloading or registration required.

Registration & Lead Forms

Use simple Leads Forms to gather valuable information by requesting that meeting participants complete a quick form prior to meeting entry.  Capture precious data and use it to drive your sales and marketing campaigns.

Or enable full Registration Forms to allow participants to register for your meeting to monitor expected attendance and gather valuable data and high quality leads.


The whiteboard feature helps you engage participants.  Make your online presentation more interesting by drawing graphs and making notes.

Let participants know exactly what you are talking about.  Explain things and present your ideas in new and interesting ways.

Create a new tab, expand the features list and click on the whiteboard icon.  Find drawing tools on the left side of the room.  Use them any way you like!

Record To Turn Meetings Into A Knowledge Asset

Record your meetings and webinars and republish to a content library for widespread on-demand access. Enable viewers to quickly skip to the most relevant information with automatic indexing of your recording. Deliver focused recordings by editing content and indexes, anonymizing participants, and hiding specific meeting functionality.

Why Customers Choose BroadData Web Meetings

  • Multiple Options For Multiple Audiences
  • Easy To Use Managed And Self-Service Options
  • Speed – set up a web meeting or webinar in minutes
  • HTML5 & 100% Browser Based – No Downloads for Host or Participants
  • Up To Thousands of Participants
  • Simple & Powerful Customization Capabilities
  • Interactive User Interface
  • Recording & Playback Capabilities Included
  • Industry Leading Reliability
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Global Experience & Support

Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing Compatible

For larger webinars where you want to be able to offer both online and phone access, BroadData Web Meetings is compatible with BroadData Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing so you can be confident that if you need an integrated web meeting and operator assisted audio conferencing solution now or in the future, we have your needs covered.

Why Choose BroadData ?

Industry leading reliability, advanced security features, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 x 7 technical support ensure that your conference calls run smoothly every time.


BroadData Web Meeting is priced on an unlimited user per user per month basis.  Pricing varies based on number of users, room size capacity needs by user, etc.

Pricing is custom quoted based on each individual customer’s specific online meeting needs.

Pricing is competitive and aggressive vs other online meeting solutions in the marketplace (e.g. Zoom and others).

To learn more, for a Free Trial or a BroadData Web Meetings custom pricing solution, Contact Us or call us at 1-877-321-2255.


Prepare & Invite

  • Room Branding & Meeting Banner Image
  • Join Meeting Forms
  • Meeting Registration (optional, when/if needed)
  • Waiting Room with Agenda
  • Email Invitations
  • Text Invitations
  • Mass Invitations
  • Persistent, Named Meeting URL (optional, if desired)
  • Assign & Manage Presenters
  • Room Security
  • Connection Testing

Room Features

  • HD Audio & Webcam Video
  • Audio Modes
    • Discussion
    • Presentation
    • Q&A
  • Room Layout Options
  • Use or Alternate Between Webinar & Meeting Interface Templates
  • Broadcast Meeting to Social Media
    • Stream to YouTube
    • Stream to Vimeo
    • Stream to Facebook
  • Presentation Settings
  • Chat
    • Chat Moderation
    • Send Files
    • Emoticons
    • History
  • Polling
  • Voting
  • Surveys & Tests
  • Whiteboard
  • Store & Share Files
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Call To Action Popups
  • Presence Management
  • Meeting Recording
  • Recordings Editor
  • Recording Playback
  • Pre-Recorded Meetings
  • Participant Lists

Get Results

  • Post Conference Thank You Web Page Redirect
  • Participant Reports
  • Meeting Sign In Form Reports
  • Meeting Registration Reports

Domain Level Branding

  • Embed Service on Your Website
  • Host Service on Your Webiste – e.g. web.yourwebsite.com

vs Zoom

Compare to Zoom

Take a look at how BroadData Web Meetings compares favorably vs Zoom

Top Reasons to Choose BroadData Web Meetings

With a plethora of tools available to use for conducting online meetings and webinars, choosing “the one” that suits all your needs and meets all of your requirements can be challenging.  Why should you choose BroadData Web Meetings then?  We’ve identified a few reasons that we hope you will take into account:

HD Quality

It’s easy to run an online meeting or webinar – at least in theory. Things get complicated when it comes to the quality though, which may simply be poor.

To make sure that you deliver the best customer experience, use software that provides high quality streaming. Whether you want to share your meeting or webinar live through your social media or have a recording, you’ll get it in HD from BroadData.

Just like the choice of webinar platform matters, so does your Internet connection. BroadData Web Meetings gives you tools to check the quality of your connection, which is how you can avoid unpleasant surprises with having your network overloaded. When you examine your connection before a meeting, you give yourself time for fixing possible problems.

No Installation Needed (100% Browser Based, HTML5, no Downloads or PlugIns required)

Online meetings and webinars need to be easy to run and equally easy to access. That’s why users don’t need to create an account or install anything on their devices in order to join a meeting room within BroadData Web Meetings. All they need to do is just to click on the link and join the room.

Users aren’t limited to access on desktop PCs either.  Attendees can participate in your meetings or webinars on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

We care about the same accessibility for the Hosts of meetings and webinars.  Just like participants, hosts only need an Internet connection and a web browser.

No software downloads or plugins required.

We strive to limit technical hassle and software requirements.

Evergreen Content

If you treat your meetings and webinars like one-time-only events, you can miss half of their potential. What if this method of sharing content worked just like blog posts? That is, they are accessible from anywhere and anytime your audience wants to access them. You can achieve this by creating an evergreen webinar.

The most important advantage of evergreen webinars is that you only need to dedicate your time and effort once. After recording the webinar and sharing it on the web, you can profit from it without any further actions.

Meetings or Webinars?

Every piece of online meeting software is webinar software too, but not every piece of webinar software is online meeting software! With BroadData Web Meetings, you can create and customize your online meetings to host a large number of attendees.

One of the most useful features in this context is BroadData Web Meetings’s Breakout Rooms. When your webinar or your online conference includes a part that needs close cooperation, breakout rooms really come in handy. You can split your audience into several smaller groups that are chosen by yourself or at random by the tool.


BroadData Web Meetings users get access to over 50 different features for making their online meetings & webinars even more attractive and to increase the efficiency of meetings. Thanks to our feature rich environment, meeting and webinar hosts can easily build engagement and long-term relations with attendees, as well as make the most of integrations.

Imagine your online meeting service has several purposes: you will use it for leading meetings, getting new leads, and training your employees. It’s easy to spot that each goal will represent different challenges and need diverse features.

Leading meetings requires easy access to the software and extended options for the participants to communicate with each other. BroadData Web Meetings’s Whiteboard feature will also come in handy, together with drawing on slides. That is how you can ensure that communication keeps flowing.

Getting new leads is a completely different story. Here what counts are call-to-action buttons, integrations with marketing tools, and registration pages. All of these features make it easier for your listeners to sign up for a trial period, book a sales demo or, simply put, proceed through your sales funnel.

When it comes to training, you can profit from numerous interactive options as outlined below.

Interactive Options

BroadData Web Meetings allows you to make video conferences as interactive as possible. With its interactive board, both hosts and attendees can share their ideas or draw on slides. It’s a game-changing feature, as you can switch from dull, speech-only webinars to engaging sessions.

Add polling, voting or surveys to the mix and you can create exciting activities. Extended chat features will also help you to keep communication flowing.


When data breaches and compliance with strict guidelines are becoming nightmares for more and more entrepreneurs, you should look for a reliable partner. Your date is sensitive.  BroadData Web Meetings takes care of data safety and privacy.  All data is encrypted from end to end.  The tool itself has gone through multiple safety audits and penetration tests and cybersecurity audits.

Extended Customization Options

What makes BroadData Web Meetings different from other tools is the possibility of having a tailor-made platform. When you want an exacting specification to be met or the standard plans don’t cover your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BroadData Web Meetings team. After getting a quick overview of your requirements, aims, and the characteristics of your business, we can provide you with a custom tailored solution.

BroadData Web Meetings is made up of almost 1,500 components, with options for configuration that will meet your exact needs.

White-Label Solutions Made Easy

When you want to keep your brand consistent, you should definitely be looking for a white-label solution. BroadData Web Meetings software gives you two ways to profit from this, depending on your budget and needs.

The easy, on-a-budget way is to embed your webinars directly on your website, letting your audience access the webinar without going to the BroadData Web Meetings page. All you need to do is to paste a piece of code into your website.

We’ve also got you covered if you’re looking for a full, professional white-label option under your domain.  If you want to learn more, connect with our sales team to get more information about this option.


Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Standards for double safety

Every piece of content is directly encoded with TSL (Transport Layer Security) which creates a trustworthy environment for sharing confidential data and making purchases.

Certificate for use with SSL and TLS

The TLS standard provides authentication and data encryption between clients, servers and other machines. This protects your meetings from security lapses such as eavesdropping or unauthorized access.

Firewall compatibility

BroadData Web Meetings does not demand specific configuration of your firewall. Transport Layer Security (TSL) requires use of the firewall Port 443, providing a reliable and highly secure connection in HTTPS traffic.

Keep confidential data under lock and key

Store all of your meeting’s data – user management, conference recordings, chat transcripts and voicemail recordings in a fully protected environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Encryption – Double encryption provides full meeting security with end to end encryption using the Advance Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm
  • Single Sign-On – Authentication methods are based on a single sign-on (SSO) which limits access to your meeting’s data to a single user ID and password
  • Authentication – Each participant receives a unique session token to prevent your meetings from unauthorized access

Security ensured with role based access control

Every BroadData Web Meeting user only has permission to pre-specified privileges. You can be sure that every attendee or moderator has a right only to the information they need.

Enhanced compliance

RBAC (Role Based-Access Control) system used by BroadData Web Meetings meets statutory requirements for privacy of financial institutions and healthcare companies that manage sensitive data.

Lower risk of breaches and data leakage

BroadData Web Meetings restricts access to sensitive information. This gives you more freedom to integrate third-party users by assigning them predefined roles.


Interoperability is crucial for collaboration

Take advantage of real-time data exchange between systems without middleware.

Cloud-based collaboration experience

Our platform is interoperable – it has ability to share information but also it can interpret the incoming data and present it in its original context.

Full compatibility with SIP protocol and H.323 room systems.

Interoperability can reduce costs and increase business efficiency. BroadData Web Meetings can be fully exploited in the presence of all currently existing large communication platforms for companies.

Zero downloads. Works on any platform.

No matter which operating system you are using, BroadData Web Meetings has been designed to adapt to your work environment. Work through your web browser and get people into your webinars and online meetings instantly.


BroadData Web Meetings is a browser based audio & video platform utilizing WebRTC technology.  BroadData Web Meetings enables you to meet face-to-face from any location and provides a wide range of real time communication tools.

You only need a browser to create a meeting and start communicating with people instantly.  The platform supports: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (see below for further details).

There are no downloads, no registrations, no plug-ins, no installation and no add-ons are required.  Simply create your room name and URL to start a conference and enjoy seamless meetings with your friends and colleagues.

Technical Requirements

Hardware and software requirements to host events on BroadData Web Meetings

  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better;
  • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended);
  • An operating system such as Windows 7 (Windows 10 recommended), Mac OS 10.13 (the newest version recommended), Linux, Chrome OS, iOS or Android
  • Internet connection 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)
  • Speakers and microphone built-in, USB plug-in, Bluetooth wireless or professional broadcasting equipment
  • Camera built-in, USB plug-in or professional camera for broadcasting

Supported Browsers

Desktop PC

  • Google Chrome version 29 or later
  • Safari version 11 or later (no plugin required) – version 9 or later (with plugin)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 45.0 or later
  • Opera version 38.0 or later
  • Yandex version 16
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or later


Mobile browsers including Safari and Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android are supported (except for screen sharing feature for which support is coming soon).

Below you can find information about browser versions supported by WebRTC technology.

Connection Test

About WebRTC

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video calling and P2P file sharing without the need for internal or external plugins.

WebRTC enables any Web server to deliver a unique, real-time communication experience with simplicity and reliability without depending on service providers or other services.

The existence of a common set of accepted standards has fostered its adoption across the industry.