Audio & Web Conferencing Solutions For Entrepreneurs & Startups

Conferencing Solutions For Entrepreneurs & Startups

Regardless of your market, BroadData Conferencing offers specialized conferencing solutions for entrepreneurs & startups tailored to meet the unique needs of early-stage businesses.

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Conferencing Solutions For Entrepreneurs & Startups

BroadData Reservationless Audio Conferencing and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing services are used by new and developing businesses of all sizes to:

  • Connect people together quickly, enabling faster decision making
  • Communicate with virtual office networks
  • Save the time and expense of business travel
  • Bring geographically dispersed groups together despite time and location limitations
  • Quickly meet with internal groups or clients on sales and marketing initiatives
  • Efficiently train employees or customers

Worldwide Reservationless Audio Conferencing Made Easy

Our domestic reservationless audio conferencing services offers instant access, and always-on features. Host a call anytime, from anywhere. We provide you with permanent toll-free and 1+ dial-in numbers, plus support for up to 125 participants on each call to maximize your reach – more than many other conference call providers.

Learn more about our International Audio Conferencing solutions including the most robust international footprint in the industry with dial-in numbers from over 100 countries and cities worldwide !

Optimize your reservationless conferencing with our international support. Domestic toll-free dial-in is included, and pay only for usage. Web-based audio controls allow start-ups and entrepreneurs to manage each call with ease, no matter where in the world participants are.

Our international conference call services include:

  • International Toll-Free Dial-In (participants don’t pay)
  • International Local (City) Dial-In (participants don’t pay)
  • US Toll (1+) Dial-In (user pays bridging cost, participant pays long distance charges)
  • Automated Dial-Out
  • Operator Assisted Dial-Out

Operator Assisted Teleconference Services

The conference needs of start-ups vary, but we provide scalable, operator assisted conferencing solutions that set us apart from other conference call companies. An account manager familiar with the needs of an entrepreneur assists you as a single point of contact before, during, and after the session. Operators can dial-out to domestic/international participants, monitor the call, and respond to requests as they are made. They can initiate Q&A sessions as well.

An operator-assisted conference call also includes:

  • Security functions such as approved attendee lists, password/passcode entry, and cross check of participants against security lists.
  • Advance online registration, allowing you to capture the name, company, and contact information of your participants.
  • Dedicated support team that handles the conference from start to finish.
  • Password protected audio streams that can be accessed via the Internet.
  • Optional unique user IDs to speed up dial-in entry and participant identification.

Secure & Reliable

We know that conference call sound quality & reliability and conference security are vital to you and your clients. Our conferencing solutions have been developed to address these special needs and include the following commitment and functionality for early-stage businesses.

  • Our services are backed by dependable technology (99.9% uptime) and dedicated people (24x7x365 support)
  • Crystal clear audio conference sound quality
  • Enhanced conference security options (at no additional cost) including Conference Lock/Unlock, Optional call by call Security Passcodes & Name Announce Entry/Exit
  • Web-based, real-time participant list and audio controls
  • Post conference summary emails
  • Secure Sub-Conferencing

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Automatic Post Conference Summary Emails

As an entrepreneur, we know it’s vital that you keep tabs on all aspects of your growing business. With BroadData, you will automatically receive an email after every BroadData conference that includes all audio (and web if applicable) usage details. Use Post Conference Emails to make sure your team is using conferencing effectively, thereby making it easy to monitor costs.

Secure Conference Recording, Playback & Archiving

BroadData Conferencing offers you self-service conference recording & playback capabilities. Initiate recording of any audio conference or integrated audio/web conference with the push of a button. Give people access to listen to your recorded conference over the phone or web or login to your BroadData account online and download recording files to your computer and distribute as you wish.

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

BroadData and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing will allow you to integrate a web conference with your audio conference (or use web conferencing on a standalone basis) for a feature-rich, collaborative meeting experience by unifying audio, web and video conferencing into one easy-to-use service. With Adobe Connect, online meetings go far beyond screen sharing, enabling more effective collaboration and communication with colleagues, partners, and customers – anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

BroadData “Nonstop” Commitment

All backed by The BroadData “No” Guarantee and “No Hassle” Advantage, including how we provide customer service the way it used to be … the cornerstones to our commitment to you. Other audio conferencing companies simply don’t offer this level of dedication today.