Interview & Research Facilitation Services

Interview & Research Facilitation Services

We Don’t Conduct Research.  We Make Conducting Research Easier (and less costly)!

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BroadData Conferencing offers simple, powerful conferencing facilitation solutions for research organizations and businesses conducting telephonic & online in-depth interviews and focus groups

Our US-based conferencing veterans are experts in facilitating your web-enabled market research.  And all of our online interview and focus group facilitators and operators have years of experience and deep expertise in the research arena.  We utilize Adobe Connect, the most elegant and feature rich web based interview and focus group platform on the market.

Consider us to be your backend conferencing provider for your research projects.

Our end to end conferencing and facilitation service solutions can also include recording, secure online playback, project specific password protected content & archive pages, transcription, translation and interpretation services when needed.

Quality & Expertise

BroadData facilitation services are tailored to support the specific requirements of your unique research projects and we have designed solutions that our clients never imagined could be possible with telephone and web-enabled technology for the success of your studies.  BroadData will allow you to escape the frustration of ever-changing representatives … we will assign you a small, permanent support team that won’t change.  Most of our team members in this group have been with us for more than 15 years.

Technical Strength

We take care of the technology enabling your interviews and focus groups so you don’t have to.  Our US-based facilitators can manage everything on your in depth interviews and focus groups including tech checks, getting respondents connected properly and on time, initiating recording, managing presentation content and designing the web interface to include the functionality pods you need.  We make sure that all your participants are ready for the discussion and solve any technical problems that may arise during or in-between sessions.

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

We utilize the Adobe Connect platform (the most intuitive, elegant and feature rich web based platform on the market) for in depth interviews and focus groups.  Adobe Connect provides a feature-rich, collaborative meeting experience by unifying audio, web and video conferencing into one easy-to-use service. With Adobe Connect, online meetings go far beyond screen sharing, enabling more effective collaboration and communication for your research projects – anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

  • Ensure instant, easy meeting access
  • Deliver rich, interactive, impactful experiences
  • Maintain control of security and compliance

Customized Interface For Your Research Project(s)

Customize your web-based interview and focus group interface with any (or all) of the following available Pods.  Easily allow respondents to see/use some Pods while interviewer’s see/use other pods that are only available to presenters.

  • Screen Sharing
  • Document Sharing
  • Webcam Video
  • Chat (everyone and private)
  • Attendee List
  • File Share
  • Polling
  • Q&A
  • Notes
  • Whiteboard

Tablet & SmartPhone Access Is Available With Adobe Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect Mobile allows you to host, attend, present, and completely drive collaboration in online meetings or training – anywhere, anytime, and with virtually any mobile device (iOS and Android).

Want to hear more about some of the research organizations we work for in this segment?  We have many long-term references, call us today at 877-321-2255 to discuss.

Turn Every Meeting Into A Knowledge Asset

Your interviews and focus groups can be recorded, edited and published on secure, password protected content project pages for on-demand access. Enable viewers to quickly skip to the most relevant information with automatic indexing of your recording. Deliver focused recordings by editing content and indexes, anonymizing participants, and hiding specific meeting functionality.

Have Do It Yourself Needs?

Already have your own internal facilitators? Talk to us about using our conferencing platform on a DIY basis.

Top It All Off

Ancillary services are a vital part of many successful projects.  We can provide any of the following services on a project or individual interview basis:

  • Transcription
  • Captions
  • Subtitles
  • Translation
  • Interpretation

Reporting / Tracking & Billing

BroadData has developed robust and flexible tracking and billing options for research organizations and businesses.  Get your monthly invoice broken out by project and categorized to suit your needs.

Secure Conference Recording, Playback & Archiving

BroadData Conferencing offers you self-service conference recording & playback capabilities. Initiate recording of any audio conference or integrated audio/web conference with the push of a button. Give people access to listen to your recorded conference over the phone or web or login to your BroadData account online and download recording files to your computer and distribute as you wish.

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Complimentary & High Profile Events

Do you also have other high profile events and conferencing needs that get the attention they demand. Simplify and streamline conference calls that need special attention. Our scalable, Operator Assisted Conferencing Solutions support small or large conference calls with special needs. Easily create on-the-fly registration pages to invite customers, prospects and media to your web conferences with BroadData and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing.

BroadData “Nonstop” Commitment

All backed by The BroadData “No” Guarantee and “No Hassle” Advantage, including how we provide customer service the way it used to be … the cornerstones to our commitment to you.