Conferencing Solutions For Marketing Professionals

BroadData Conferencing provides conferencing solutions for marketing professionals with advanced, easy-to-use meeting tools to help effectively manage vendors and present a professional image to media, analysts, customers and prospects.

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Time-Crunched Marketing Executives

The tug of war on your time begins the minute you are appointed VP or CMO.

Media and analysts want to meet with you. Vendors want to pitch you. Your CEO expects you to participate in executive-level meetings, and your team needs strategy and guidance. You need to be in numerous places at once and are always expected to be well-prepared, professional and informed. BroadData can enable you to meet face-to-face from the convenience of your desk—all through cutting-edge conferencing tools that help you look your best.

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Marketing Directors With Sky-High Objectives

Marketing directors and managers must operate within a defined box—a tight budget, measurable objectives and the over-committed resources of your team.

You are accountable for demonstrating ROI on every marketing dollar spent by bringing in a high quantity of qualified leads. You must deftly manage customer relationships, flawlessly manage vendors and create the “perfect” marketing collateral. BroadData enables you to reach the prospects, vendors and customers you’ve been missing. With our easy audio and web conferencing tools, you can connect any time with no reservations ever.

Multitasking Product Managers

As a product manager, you are the primary liaison between sales and engineering. You manage the difficult balancing act of determining what your customers need, what the market demands and what your company can actually deliver.

BroadData gives you the tools to seamlessly manage the constant flow of internal information by hosting audio, web and video meetings on-the-fly. BroadData can help you communicate to your industry, conduct lead generating web seminars, and more effectively manage vendors and remote teams by allowing you to conduct meetings instantly without the expense of travel.

BroadData “Nonstop” Commitment

All backed by The BroadData “No” Guarantee and “No Hassle” Advantage, including how we provide customer service the way it used to be … the cornerstones to our commitment to you.