Conferencing Solutions For Training Professionals

BroadData Conferencing offers conferencing solutions for training professionals to help deliver dynamic, informative, interactive training—from small group sessions to large, one-to-many seminars with hundreds of attendees.

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Corporate training programs are critical to your success.

But hosting a physical event requires long hours of high-cost travel—and distributing training materials in the hopes that employees will self-teach is often fruitless. Using only your phone, computer and an Internet connection, get new employees up to speed and keep your entire organization in-the-know with BroadData’s interactive online training tools.

BroadData’s audio and web conferencing enables low-cost training that is seamless, compelling—and most importantly, ensures accountability.

When you need a hands-on environment to train a select group of participants, BroadData offers virtual meeting rooms that let instructors teach and interact as if everyone is in the same room.

Free Trial ! Improve the effectiveness of your corporate training and lower your conferencing costs with these BroadData Services:

Incorporate a variety of learning techniques with audio, web and video conferencing capabilities.

Facilitate the development of new CRM or SFA tools by allowing meeting participants to interact with software applications in a hands-on setting.

Read body language to see if your audience understands the information you are sharing.

If your training requires a more formal setting or if you have hundreds of Participants, BroadData’s seminar solution lets you bring hundreds of people together for company-wide training initiatives and updates.

  • Easily gather formal feedback and measure retention of your audience using Q & A, surveys, quizzes and polling
  • Record your training events and post them on your corporate intranet for those who couldn’t attend
  • Track who attended your webinar, and even those who viewed the recorded event, through detailed online reporting

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