Universal Service Fund FAQ

Universal Service Fund

What Is The Universal Service Fund (USF) ?

What Governmental Agency Is Responsible For USF ?

What is USAC ?

Why is BroadData Conferencing Collecting This Fee On Audio Calls ?

Will BroadData Conferencing's Competitors Also Charge This Fee On Audio Conferencing Calls ?

When Will The USF Fee Be Collected ?

Is The USF Based On Where The Company Is Headquartered ?

If I Use BroadData Unified Meeting Web Conferencing Through BroadData And I Begin The Audio Portion Of The Call From The Web Using Audio Integration, Will The Conference Be Subject To The USF Fee ?

Are All Of My Services Subject To USF Fees ?

What If I Start A Conference Call From A Cell Phone ?

Do USF Fees Apply To Audio Call Made On VoIP ?

How Much Is The USF Fee Imposed By USAC ?

Are Charitable Or Religious Groups Exempt From The USF Fees Similar To Their Exemption From Certain Sales Taxes ?

Where Can I Find Additional Information About The USF ?