Audio Conferencing Solutions For Medical Research & Healthcare

Conferencing Solutions For Medical Research & Healthcare

BroadData Conferencing offers simple, powerful conferencing solutions for medical research & healthcare organizations involved in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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With over 10 years of experience from seasoned professionals, BroadData provides conferencing solutions for Medical related industries and Medical Research related organizations designed to provide easy collaboration for workgroups around the world (or the country).

BroadData will allow you to escape the frustration of ever-changing representatives … we will assign you a small, permanent support team that won’t change.  All of our team members in this group have been with us for more than 10 years.

Communicating timely and accurate information and data is crucial to getting results. With BroadData Reservationless and Operator-Assisted audio conferencing, with or without Adobe Connect Web Conferencing services, health related organizations of all sizes are able to:

  • Hold reservationless on-demand audio conferences and/or scheduled, operator-assisted audio conferences with dial out to international participants for your committees, groups and teams.
  • Have audio conferences on an on-the-fly adhoc basis or schedule calls on standing reservations (e.g. third Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM).
  • Receive email confirmations for all scheduled, operator-assisted calls.
  • Receive post conference participant list emails.
  • Take advantage of our robust international footprint.  We offer international toll-free & toll dial-in from over 100 countries and cities worldwide.  We offer dial-out to any country in the world.
  • Save time by working with your small, permanently assigned BroadData support team.  After a short time we’ll know your needs without you even having to ask.

Worldwide Reservationless Audio Conferencing Made Easy

Learn more about our International Audio Conferencing solutions including the most robust international footprint in the industry with dial-in numbers from over 100 countries and cities worldwide !

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Secure & Reliable

We know that conference call sound quality & reliability and conference security are vital to you and your clients. Our conferencing solutions have been developed to address these special needs and include the following commitment and functionality for Professional Service Firms.

  • Our services are backed by dependable technology (99.9% uptime) and dedicated people (24x7x365 support)
  • Crystal clear audio conference sound quality
  • Enhanced conference security options (at no additional cost) including Conference Lock/Unlock, Optional call by call Security Passcodes & Name Announce Entry/Exit
  • Web-based, real-time participant list and audio controls
  • Post conference summary emails
  • Secure Sub Conferencing

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High Profile Events

Give high profile events and calls the attention they demand. Simplify and streamline conference calls that need special attention. Our scalable, Operator Assisted Conferencing Solutions support small or large conference calls with special needs. Easily create on-the-fly registration pages to invite customers, prospects and media to your web conferences with BroadData and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing.

Reporting / Tracking & Billing

BroadData has developed robust and flexible tracking and billing options for Enterprises. Using our Billing Code feature, your Moderators can be prompted to enter a unique Billing Code when initiating each conference. This Billing Code will then appear on post conference summary emails and be used to segment calls on your monthly invoice. The Billing Code feature can be set to be Mandatory for every call or optionally used at the Moderator’s choice on individual calls.

Secure Conference Recording, Playback & Archiving

BroadData Conferencing offers you self-service conference recording & playback capabilities. Initiate recording of any audio conference or integrated audio/web conference with the push of a button. Give people access to listen to your recorded conference over the phone or web or login to your BroadData account online and download recording files to your computer and distribute as you wish.

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

BroadData and Adobe Connect Web Conferencing will allow you to integrate a web conference with your audio conference (or use web conferencing on a standalone basis) for a feature-rich, collaborative meeting experience by unifying audio, web and video conferencing into one easy-to-use service. With Adobe Connect, online meetings go far beyond screen sharing, enabling more effective collaboration and communication with colleagues, partners, and customers – anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

BroadData “Nonstop” Commitment

All backed by The BroadData “No” Guarantee and “No Hassle” Advantage, including how we provide customer service the way it used to be … the cornerstones to our commitment to you.